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Low Laser Light Therapy

Low laser light therapy LLLT refers to therapy devices that are of low power and do not produce a thermal effect. They are synonymous with cold lasers. They are typically under 500 milli-watts in power output. Because they have limited power output there ability to penetrate and stimulate healing in many conditions is severely limited. LLLT lasers have been around for over 30 years and have yet to receive main stream medical approval. 

  Take a deeper look into our site to learn about how we can stop pain with high power laser therapy.

This is the power of the Avicenna High Power Laser therapy unit.  The high power laser penetrates the body deep enough to affect the areas that are causing your pain.  The Avicenna Laser ultimately can stop pain by triggering the chemical and biological processes that essentially stopped—causing your pain to start.  In a sense, you can say, the Avicenna High Power Laser brings light to your life...helping your body stop your pain.

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